Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline

Offered by the  Department of public health

Helpline Champions Program 

The Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline is the only statewide, public resource for finding substance use treatment, recovery, and problem gambling services. Helpline services are free and confidential. The helpline’s caring, trained specialists will help you understand the treatment system and your options. The helpline offers free, confidential information and referrals for those with alcohol and drug problems seeking help. 

Helpline Champions are an inspired group of individuals who reach out in simple, powerful ways in their own communities to increase the use of harm reduction services, substance use disorder treatment, and recovery support services in Massachusetts. They are people from communities across MA with a desire to take concrete action to support those living with a substance use disorder, whether actively using or in recovery. The Champion program aims to increase awareness and use of the Helpline. 


Recovery Champions Program

Proud to announce one of our own, Case Manager Sean Crosby,  is a local Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline Champion! Great work Sean!!

To request counseling on overdose prevention and training on overdose response contact: [email protected]

Additional Resources

    • Addiction Resource Website
      Addiction Resource provides resources to help those suffering from substance use disorders and their loved ones find treatment and support. They offer a wide variety of information around substance use disorders, including recognizing signs and symptoms of abuse, who’s at risk, the various levels of care, and self assessment tools.
    • SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
      This organization provides a wealth of information around substance use disorders and mental health disorders. They offer many publications, data, and resources for the patient, their families, and treatment professionals. They also provide a treatment locator to find treatment facilities in your area
    • Stigma Free Worcester
      This smart phone app was researched and developed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute students in collaboration with the City of Worcester’s Department of Health and Human Services. It helps connect the user with substance use, mental health, food, and shelter services in Worcester. View information about organizations and sort them by the services they offer, the insurance they accept, when they are open, their distance from you, and their eligibility requirements to find the resource that’s best for you.
    • Make the Connection
      Launched in 2011, connects Veterans, their family members and friends, and other advocates with mental health information, local resources, and Veterans’ own inspiring stories of recovery. Visitors can learn about the signs of problems with drugs and alcohol and find sources of support. The site is free and accessible to everyone.
    • Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS)
      BSAS oversees the statewide system of prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services for individuals, families, and communities affected by gambling and substance addiction. They are responsible for: Licensing substance use disorder treatment programs and counselors, funding and monitoring prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery services. Providing access to treatment for the uninsured, developing and implementing substance use disorder-related policies and programs. Tracking substance use disorder treatment trends.