Each year, students and faculty from Doherty Memorial High School come by with a few pickup trucks or vans PACKED with food donations – all organized by the students of the ‘Food Drive Club.’
These incredible kids come together, sometimes meeting weekly from the beginning of the school year, to plan out and execute a massive, school-wide food drive to benefit the Jeremiah’s Inn Nutrition Center-Food Pantry. This year, they were able to deliver 6,252 non-perishable food items, as well as paper goods and toiletries.
We are humbled by the willingness of these amazing kids to go above and beyond, making a real difference in their community. They dedicate their free time, including some nights and weekends, organizing events that boost the donations to this drive. Because of these students and their tireless efforts, we now have about an additional 6,000lbs. of food to distribute to the clients of our Nutrition Center, 2/3 of whom are children themselves.
We cannot thank the students and faculty of Doherty enough for their generous service to the Inn!