Last night, we had the pleasure of having the Pam’s Porch 5 Community down to prepare and serve for our Evening Meal Program, and what a success it was! And so much food!! There was Ooey-Gooey mac & cheese, regular mac & cheese, spiral ham, turkey, lasagna, ‘Lazy Man’ lasagna, 8 rotisserie chickens, and ‘Pa’s chicken’ for the main courses. Garlic bread, two loaves of home made white bread, garden salad, spaghetti salad, & butternut squash made up the sides. Desserts included Pineapple upside down cake, frosted brownies, strawberry filled cupcakes, brownies, assorted home made cookies, lemon cake, Reese’s Peanut-butter cookies, Kentucky Bars, cream puffs, and candy!

Children passed out name tags for residents and cooks, helped set up, and drew names for a baseball cap giveaway.

This was a truly special evening for residents, staff and cooks alike. Put on in remembrance of Pam’s brother, David, who tragically passed away, this was a heartwarming tribute to him, along with all others we’ve lost to the disease of addiction. Pam spoke with the residents about her brother, and her loss, and spoke to the courage of our residents to continue to fight for their recovery.

Our hearts are so full of gratitude for the generosity of this group of people, who came here as strangers and left here as friends.