What can you do with some construction paper and markers? According to Jesse Garcia, a teacher at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, amazing things. That is what he and a group of 40 students set out to accomplish with their activities club, ‘the food drive club’.
Since November, Mr. Garcia and the students spent an hour a day, three days a week after school, building boxes and creating posters to advertise their food drive. In January, they put on a small concert benefit at NuCafe in Worcester to collect food and donations towards their mission. Students from the club sang and played various instruments alongside Mr. Garcia himself. The event was wonderfully successful.
On March 2nd, Mr. Garcia and all of the students of the club came to Jeremiah’s Inn with two pickup trucks and an SUV LOADED with food. In total, they delivered right around 7,419 POUNDS of food! The students and teachers formed a line from the trucks to the pantry, put on some music, and spent the better part of three hours passing food from the trucks to fill the pantry shelves.
To give a glimpse into the impact that Mr. Garcia and the students made, the food they raised will allow Jeremiah’s to donate 50 pounds of food to 148 needy families right here in the city of Worcester, as well as to benefit the 29 men recovering from substance abuse disorders that reside here at the Inn.
So to answer the question- What can you do with some construction paper and markers? With some dedicated kids and effort, you can feed a city, 148 families at a time.

Want to get involved and make your own impact in our community? Email [email protected] for more information on ways you can give back!